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We have created the Back to Basics math app because we are parents dedicated to our children, and we'd do anything to support their success. Life is hard and it seems that the world has an uncertain road ahead. We ask ourselves, "What does it take to make it? Furthermore, how do we flourish?" One of the things we do is follow closely to what people are finding in science and technology, because it is here where we invest our hope for a brighter tomorrow. We rise to the challenges we face today with an organized and calm demeanor.

Master the Fundamentals

Do what the top countries are already doing to succeed.

Singapore vs. North America

Share with Community

We want to inspire you as you inspire your children. We want to have monthly events that bring the digital world into a tangible reality called Novacon. We'll have robots the kids can play with, and we'll riff on the NASA space camp theme, so we can celebrate our children's exploration and discovery. There's the ticket! Admission to the Novacon is given when your child reaches her goal on the Back to Basics math drills app.

Back to Basics

An app for mastery

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Inspire and Be Inspired

Above all, we want to connect with other families dedicated to making a difference in the lives of their children. Does this resonate with you? Let's do this. Let's raise our children with abundant resources and opportunities to explore. Sign up to our mailing list for inspiration along the way. We have our electromagnets turned up for cool and interesting information about encouraging mathematical development. As it turns out, age 5-9 is an interesting time for math development, and that's just what the Back to Basic app is all about.

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